Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop – Review

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Product: Acer Nitro 5 An515 Laptop


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My Rating: 9 out of 10 Stars

I started looking into gaming laptops to keep my gaming separate from my work computer, and came a crossed, an Acer Nitro 5 An515 Gaining Laptop, that I think will give me exactly what I am looking for. So let us dive in and see all the things about this laptop that set it apart from the others.


This product is an Acer Nitro 5 AN515 Laptop which can also be used for gaming. It is a nice and simple design with some curvatures. It’s frame work is plastic. And yes I said the word PLASTIC, but it is a high quality form of plastic that makes it look so sleek.

Laptop – Pro’s

When research for a gaming computer I had in mind what I was looking for. However, to my surprise the Acer Nitro 5 comes with so much more. So let me break it down to you what you will get with this laptop.

  • It is an 8th generation Intel core i5 – 83ooHz quad – core mobile processor
  • NVIDIA GeForece GTX 1050 Ti 4GB graphics card
  • 15.6 inches full HD IPS display at 60Hz
  • 8GB DDR4/ 256GB solid state drive
  • Black light keyboard/ WiFi AC/ Bluetooth/ Windows 10
  • Max screen resolution at 1920 x 1080
  • 2 USB ports
  • Battery last for moderate use about 5.5 hours/ For heavy use about 4 hours

The Acer Nitro 5 Laptop is upgrade friendly. Now for me who is on a budget, which I know a lot of you are, this laptop is great. That means you don’t have to buy another laptop to get up grades. It weights right about 5lb’s, which is a good weight. Its long ventilation grill means this laptop means business, and should not be over heating.

You can also in stall a 2nd M2 drive or 2.5 inch SSD card. With only 11 screws on the bottom, this makes for opening, installing, and closing a snap.

Laptop – Con’s

For moderate gamers there is no lag time, but for heavy gamers there is some lag time.

Now I have to be honest with you, I am a moderate gamer, so this laptop will be ideal for me. The only downfall to this laptop that I have found is that if you are a heavy game. Such as you play Fortnite, or Call of Duty, those types of games, you will need to buy a sick of ram so that there will be no lag time.

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Time For Wrap Up:

All in all the Acer Nitro 5 Laptop is a perfect fit for me and many of you out there, who are on a budget. And with Christmas coning it would make for a great gift.

So would you like to own a laptop that is upgrade friendly? Would you or someone you know like this for Christmas? What is your thought about the Acer Nitro 5 Laptop? Let me know in the comments below, and I will reply as soon as possible. And as always Thank You.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I have been thinking about separating my work and gaming for a while now so I see your review just in time. The specifications are great and yes I will have o buy the extra stick of ram because I play both Fortnite and Call of Duty. I am going to treat myself!

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Claudia and may I say Congrats on separating your gaming from work. Also I know for a fact that the extra stick or ram does not cost much. If you get it before Christmas time I am sure you will love the Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop as a present to yourself. Please feel free to come again and read all my up coming posts in the near future. Thanks again

    1. Hi Pamela, for heavy gamers it is my recommendation that people invest in the extra ram so there is no lag time. With Christmas fast approaching maybe this will be the best to get one for your son.

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