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Product: Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro


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My Ratings: 10 out of 10

I was searching today for a product to write a new review about. I was on when I found it. The Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro. I was amazed at what I was looking at, but does it hold up to what the pics say. So I did my research on it and am here to give you all the results. The good and bad.

Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro – Pro’s

This desk was made with gamers in mind. It is made with durable steel leg construction and a sleak charcoal carbon fiber and laminated, top that will surely go with any decor you might have.

Its curved desk front provides you with up-close comfort and simple room for monitoring your laptop, speakers, games, and even you PC. The desk itself is 29.5 in. High, 23.5 in. wide, and 40.125 in. In length. Which is small enough even for a dorm room.

If you want to charge your tablet or even two smart phones at the same time you can with the charging stand. It also comes with two stands to the side that are for double usage, you can place you speakers there along with up to 5 games don each side.

In the back of the desk there is a wire basket for your power strip cord, which will help you to keep your cord neatly organized. Under the desk it a storage wire basket for more games or even paper and pens for school.

The monitor and smart phone stand is 6in. High, 7in, wide and 22in. In length elevated shelf that can support up to a 32in, monitor. It also comes with a cup holder and a headphone/vr headset hook.

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Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro – Con’s

After I exhausted all my research I could only find one thing wrong with this desk, and that is the under the desk basket. I find a pro and a con, but as a con the drawer does not pull out, so making it kind of hard to find and get thing in that area.

Time for Wrap Up

I have researched a lot of gaming desks and this one is not only simple to use but reasonably priced. I give it 10 out of 10 stars and will be buying this desk in the very near future. So what is your opinion on this product? Give me your feedback and comments below and I will reply as soon as possible. As always Thank You

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  1. Great review on this gaming desk pro. We have children that are huge into their gaming so this desk would be absolutely ideal for them. I like how you have listed the pros and cons so we can be aware of the advantages of the desk and disadvantages. I like the charging sand too which is pretty cool and smart and there is somewhere to put your drink to keep it out of the way so it doesn’t get accidentally spilled all over electronic components. I think I would love this desk for myself when it comes to working as well as gaming!!! This would be a great Christmas present 🙂

  2. Thank you for the comment. It is greatly appreciated Before you order give me a half hour to update the links upon the pic and shaded area so it will take you right to that page. I hope your kids enjoy there Christmas. and please come back anytime for more updates.

    1. I found this desk as I was looking for one of my own. This will be my Christmas present to myself. Hopefully you can spread ther word to your family that it is what you want for christmas

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