Gaming and Real Life – How Different Are They

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Well here we are again and I have a very interesting topic today. Let’s discuss Gaming and Real Life and how different are they really. I have heard though out my life that life is like a game. And in the gaming world, I have heard that gaming is like life. It seems as the two side agree. So Let’s take a deeper look into both sides and see from both points of view.

Choices in Life

From about age 4 to 5 years old we begin to comprehend our surroundings, family, and consequences. Whether they be the right or wrong consequence depends on the choices we make. As we get old we are faced with many, many choices. Some Choices that we make will decide which paths we take in life. WE ALL take many paths through our journey in life. But no matter how we get there it all starts with Choices.

Choices in games

I’m going to choose a strategy game I know to refer to as the gamers side of this discussion. The game is called SKIRIM The Elder Scrolls. Now I chose this game for 2 reasons.1: Its by far my all time favorite game, and 2: What I am talking about in this discussion it will be easier for me to explain.

Now at the beginning of SKIRIM you must chose your avatar and that means creating the avatar from scratch. It takes about 10 to 15 min to create. Then you must choose a name. I know, it sounds simple enough, and it real is simple to do. However, my point is I had to make choices.

In the game no matter where you go or what you do you have to make choices and a lot of them. And just like in life, for every choice you make, there is a consequence whether it is a good one or bad depends on your choices

Making Friends in Life

In real life there are people who have no problems making friends and then there are those who struggle just to even say hello. Depending on your up bring, your trust level. And you confidence will determine who and how you make friends with. Now we all in life make good and bad friends just like we make good and bad decisions.

Making Friends in Gaming

In the gaming world you can connect to X box live or Play Station Network. You can either play with someone close to you, like a family member or a school friend. But when they are not online you have the choice of playing with a total stranger. Now in the gaming world that person is going to become an online friend,(IE a Allie,) or an enemy.

Real Life Violence

There are many types of violence in this world we. Is Real Life a Gaming live in today, that I wonder if this world isn’t going to hell in a hen basket, ( as my grandmother used to say.) Many people associate all this violence with video games. However, they couldn’t be more wrong.

Violence has been a big problem in our world even before the very first game system, Atari came out. Many people don’t understand that you can’t have good without evil. They co inside with one another just like ying and yang. Light and darkness.

Gaming Violence

Yes there is violent contact in a lot of games today. Even SKIRIM has violence. you have to kill your enemies and vampires and ware wolfs, That does not mean that everyone who plays a violent game is going to go out and kill people. Just cause there have been a few out of thousands gamers carry this stigma on them now.

Time to Wrap Up

So now that things have been broken down let’s compare. Is REAL LIFE and GAMING the same or different? It is in my opinion that are very similar in actions. So I would have to say they are in fact the same. Now this is just my opinion, what do you think?

Please leave comments below, and I will reply in a timely matter. As always Thank You.

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