Non Reality VS. Reality Games – And What Age Should Our Kids play them?

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In today’s topic I am going to discuss a few things about Non reality VS. Reality Games – And what ages should they play them. The reason I have decided to write about this subject is due to one of my comments I received in my article “Is Gaming Healthy?”

While I was reading Mary’s comment I realized that I had this ideal that I would help Mary by writing this article for her and many others who wonder at what age and what game should I start my kids at.

Technology In Today’s World:

As a society, we are advanced in technology, that it is beyond are years. It is no wonder that today more and more kids are playing video games, on many devices, anywhere they go now days. Every day, it seems as though their is some kind of new device coming out as we are just getting use to the one they put out before the new one.

Non Reality Games:

The very first system that I owned was a PlayStation 2. All the games I bought was non reality games. I did this for a reason. My son was only 7or 8 years old at the time. Starting him out on non realistic games helped to teach him that video games are just games, they are not real.

By doing this, I taught my son the rule of gaming. The rule of gaming is, that want’s your done playing, the game stays in the game. Gaming may be a part of life, but they do not have a part of being in real life.

Here is a list of non reality games that my son played until he was 14.

  • All the Spiro games
  • All the Zelda games
  • Lords of the Rings 1,2,and 3
  • Lords of the Rings The third Age
  • All the Final Fantasy games
  • Pokieman
  • Crash Banicoot
  • Jack and Dexter

Now my son is in his twenty’s and since then they have come with other non reality games, such as SKIRIM. Now SKIRIM is a good game to start them on when they about 12 years old, and can be played on a PS4, X box 360, and X box One, It is a great starter game kids nearing the age where reality games become more popular.

What Age Should I Start My Kid At:

It is my opinion though raising my son in the gaming world, that kids between the ages of 7 to 14 play only non realistic games. By the age of 14 then they are ready for more advanced games such realistic games. Now please don’t get me wrong, for we are all entitled to are own opinion. Your thought of when to start them on non realistic games and realistic games are of your own. This is just what worked for my family.

Pro’s of Non Reality Games:

There are a few pros to children playing non reality games at this stage in their life. The first and most important one is that it teaches hand and eye coordination. Now for my son this was the best thing for him because, he had a lot of problems with eye and hand coordination. He was at 7 years old delayed by 2 years, and it was nothing I or anyone else had done to delay him. It took him 6 months of playing his games to finally catch up.

I also found that it improved my sons conversation with the neighborhood kids. This means a lot for this was away my child went from being lonely to having many friends.

The third pro is that it does help with concentration, and memory skills. As a child progress in the game they are learning and retaining memory. This ultimately helps them in school when retaining information.

Con’s Of Non Reality Games:

There are only two cons that I can think of for non realistic games. The first one is that kids play the video games to long. So it is my suggestion to all the parents out their to set a time limit. What worked for me is I started him off at, 7 years old, with 30 min. Every year on his birthday It got increased by 15 min. I also gave him an extra 30 min. all weekend playing time for a reward at the end of the week, when his behavior caused no problems that week.

The other con I found is that he would act out parts of his games in real life. Now the good thing about this con is that they are young enough to teach. When my son started acting out the game I would remind him that it is a game and not real life and I would explain to him the difference. then let him go and finish playing. I would never discourage him from playing even though he was acting out the game.

Just make sure they know its not real life. This is a wonderful time in life and kids do listen even though you think they don’t. It is the perfect time to teach.

Reality Games:

Reality games are so much more completed and realistic, that sometime you have to wonder if they are real or not. There is so many of them you can’t help but to lose yourself in them.

The graphics have become more and more life like, that you can just image it was you right their and not the characters. As for the sound quality, It has become so much better, that if you’re playing with surround sound it sounds just like your right their, right in the middle of the action.

These games may consist of

  • All the Call of Duty games
  • All the Grand theft Auto games
  • Fortnite
  • And many, many more.

What Age Should I Start My Teen At:

I was really hesitant in letting my son play reality games, but I knew he was at that stage where I had to let him progress. Now this is my suggestion and yours may vary, but when it comes to reality comes I would suggest age 14 for these reasons.

They are now in a new stage in their development to where they will be now testing their wings, for flight for when they do leave home. They have grown into more advance areas that no longer consist of the baby and the child world.

Pro’s Of Reality Games:

As we get older we advance with the times or we get left behind. Pro teens and teens are more likely to have friends in school if they are allowed to keep up with advance times. In the gaming world that would be, knowing the games, and being able to speak about them to their friends,

If a child is not up to advanced times while in school, and I know this from personal experience, They are usually the ones who are lonely and picked on.

Con’s Of Reality Games:

There are down falls to reality games and they could affect a person in real life if not careful. They could end up talking about the game too much instead of real life events which could lead to loss of friendships.

They could spend too much time playing their games and not doing their homework or work for their job. Which could lead to bad grades or someone gets fired from a job.

Time For Wrap Up:

So in conclusion I believe that their is pro’ and con’ to starting kids out at an early age. Also, they as in life must progress with the gaming world to advance in skills. So what do you think in non realistic games and realistic games? Please leave a comment below and I will reply as soon as possible. As always Thank You.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience with reality vs. non-reality games. I totally agree with you with the ages that you suggested. It seems so right to start out with non-realistic games and then at 14, start the reality games. I also was very surprised to find out how it helped your kid with his coordination, concentration and socialize!! That is great news when we always hear that gaming is not good for our kids!!

    1. Hi Anne and thank you for your comment. I feel even though there is bad things to playing video games there is also good things that can come of it too. It can be use as something healthy in moderationhealthy in moderationhealthy in moderation and it can also be a positive thing for kids. But there are also the downsides to it as well as mentioned in my article. Please check back often for the newest updates. Again thank you

  2. I have been a gamer since 1998. I started with Nascar Racing, then went to Ultima Online, Everquest and from 2000- 2015 Dark Age of Camelot. I would play 4-6 hours during the week and 8-10 hours on Saturday and Sunday if I didn’t have any outdoor plans. My wife did give me some time limits when things needed to be done but for the most part she let me play as much as I wanted. As I look back on this time I wonder if it was a waste of time. But, then I think what else would I have been doing? It kept me out of the bars, trouble and was a cheap source of entertainment.

    1. Hi Andy and I can understand where you are coming from for I myself have been sober and clean for over 30 years now and it is a cheap source of entertainment. I still do put limits on myself unless I have a game night or weekend, then there is no limit. I thank you for your comment and hope you will come again to see the latest updates.

  3. Great article. I am sometimes concerned with how much my son plays. I would say he is about 50/50 with reality and non-reality games. We try to monitor his game play an actually only let him play on weekends. I know times are different from when I grew up and my wife and I are trying to balance his gaming which is his passion for sure. A lot of information, thank you

  4. Hello Lori! My name is Yena and my boyfriend Kuzoo and I run a website about various types of tea, especially matcha.

    I loved reading your post about realistic and non-realistic video games. We do not have children but it has opened my eyes to the pros and cons about the effects of video games.

    I, Yena, was restricted on what I could play as a child when it came to video games. My mother was very strict and thought anything with killing is bad.

    She was so strict I could not even play Ratchet & Clank which was a game about defeating evil and fighting alien monsters.

    It is good to know that there are parents who control their kids access to video games.

    These days parents get their kids phones before they hit double digits let along keep track of what their kids do on a gaming system.

    Not sure if I should feel concerned for the future and what entails. But that is life…not knowing what is on the other side and moving forward anyways.

    Thank you for writing this article about video games. It has opened my eyes about video games then I am sure it will help parents who deciding what to do with their children when it comes to video games.

    1. Hello Yena, and thank you for you comment. I do understand where you are coming from for when I was growing up all we had was Atari and no other systems. I wrote this article to help parents who are basically on the fence but I find that it is helping many more. Please come back and visit for further articles.

  5. It was nice reading about Non-Reality VS. Reality Games. But if you remove the things like effects and sounds both look similar, and both make children or even an adult addicted. There is no return from any category except enjoyment and addiction.

    The types of games you described are great options for hand-eye coordination. There is another kind of reality game which may be a nice inclusion here. The games which help you to make real money online, such as Dream11. These types of games offer hand-brain coordination. More wisely you create a team combination more the chances to win and earn money.

    1. Thank you for you comment and I do agree with you to a point. But what separates non realistic games from realistic games is the graphics. Take for instance Skyrim it is classified as a non realistic game due to it is not as violent as say Call of Duty. Skyrim does not show a lot of blood if fact there is very little, and is more of a strategy game then anything else. I hope this helps to clarify.

  6. Wow I never thought there were reality games and I do agree that they may affect a person’s real life relationships.
    I think I will start with playing them now as I was looking to buy a PlayStation.

    1. Yes video games can affect someone in real life. That’s why I started my son off with non realistic games before he went to realistic games at the age of 14. I hope this This week I will be putting out a Review on the newest PlayStation. So please come back and enjoy the read. So that you will kmow what you are getting when you buy.

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