Remembering the past – Where are the great ones now?

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In this topic I pay tribute to past consoles and games we came to love as we grew up. It is now time to REMEMBER THE PAST – Where are they now?

Remembering Atari

As I am remembering the past I can’t help but stop and smile for one Christmas morning I can remember that my siblings and I got an Atari. This was the very first gaming console to ever hit the market. Sitting in front of the TV. playing Donkey Kong, Centered, Ping-Pong and Frogger were one of my favorite childhood memories.

The games were pixellated and in black and white. The sounds of the games are something like a fairy tale now for they don’t exist in games anymore. It was because of Atari that we now have a gaming world. My hat is off to you Atari, where ever you are

Remembering Nintendo Game Cube

Even though there are people out there who still have a game cube (IE. Me for example.) They are not as popular as today’s systems are. What I like about this system is it is small and compact and the disc or games for it are very small but held a lot of information on them.

You can find these systems in a pawn shop, eBay, game stop, and once in a while on amazon. Because they are not in demand nor are the games you can find them at reasonable prices.

Remembering X box and X box 360

OK in truth I have very little to say about x box because I found it broke down all the time so all I can say to that system is nanana heyheyhey goodbye LOL.

As for x box 360 I know there are a lot of my friends who still use this system, including myself. It’s not as popular as it once was but it is not as ancient as the game cube is. For myself I still play my Ski Rim on it.

You can both of these at game stop, eBay, and maybe pawn shops, As for x box 360 you can also find on Amazon

Remembering all the

I hated my Play station 1 because about every hour it would over heat and I would have to shut it off and let it cool down. Play Station 2 was better for it didn’t overheat much and I could play PS1 on my PS2. However, I liked my Play Station 3 the best for the graphics and colors are great and much faster. Only down fall I can’t play my PS1 game in my PS3.

As for these systems you can try to find them at a pawn shop, eBay, or I do know that they have them at game stop.

XboX 1 and Play Station 4

I’m sad to say that I have never tried x box 1 nor Play Station 4 so there is not much I can say about either. They are the most popular systems to date. You can find them at Amazon, eBay, Walmart and most name brand stores.

Wrapping it up

Over all in the past thirty years we have come a long way since black and white simple Atari games and system. Some greats are gone but new great just keep coming in its place. What do you think. Leave a comment below. Thanks

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  1. Ah, memory lane. I played on an Atari when I was 11 and 12. My favorite game was Barnstormer. I wish I still had that! A few years later a friend of mine got a state of the art Nintendo 64. I never played it; my heart was still with the old Atari.
    My kid is still stuck with a PS3. We refuse to upgrade and have to pay for Internet service for online gaming. Grrrr.

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