Strategies and action video games – The differance between the two

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In this article I will attempt to explain strategies and action video games – The difference between the two. During this article I will focus on two certain games, SKIRIM The Elder Scrolls and Call of Duty. It is my goal to provide you with the nessecary information you will need when you are buying your next game so that the game fits you.

The basis of strategy games

The whole concept of a strategy game is simply to get you to think. Basically use your brain.

  1. Create your avatar
  2. Seek out missions
  3. Compleat missions
  4. Get rewarded

For strategies games –  is there a right or a wrong?

In SKIRIM after creating your avatar, your first decision comes soon after. You have to make a choice whether to go with the guard or with the other prisoner. That first choice decides your first friend and who you can trust. It’s about making choices, just like in life.

Like in life, there are thousands of choices in Ski Rim and thousands of missions. Which ever way you chose to go in SKIRIM you always make it your own and if you start over it can always turn out different

SkiRim is a one player game so there is an up side to this and some down falls.

Up side

  1. You can play as long as your want
  2. Go where your want
  3. Do what your what

Down side

  1. Your alone
  2. You lose track of time

and if your not careful your can lose yourself ( REALLY) in the game

Remember this old saying as you play a strategy game.  For everything you do has a consequence whether good or bad. For it is your decisions thet decide the missions and out come of the game .

Action games are fun

I admit that action games are fun such as Call of Duty, but when playing it alone it can be boring. Most action games are created for multi players. As fast pace, quick thinking fun. There is a way to have a group right at your side or you can be on line with friends up against another group.

Some people make gaming nights with there friends or even gaming weekends. My hat is off to you who do. But there is a downside to this. Yes you can play Call of Duty alone but if your are with your friends you only have a certain amount of time before you need to get back to the real world.

Taking a poll

I went around to people I know and people I met on the street and asked them two questions. Here are the questions and the results

Do you play, video games or games online.

57% answered Video games

31% answered Computer games

12% answered They don’t play games at all

Out of the 88% that played some type of game I asked then this question. Do your prefer strategy games or action games. I was shocked when I learned that out of the 88% they were equally divided at 50/50 on what they prefer

The Wrap Up

Strategy vs. action games are not as different as your might think overall for they both make you use your brain and devise a plan of action. The only difference I can find is action you can play with friends and is fast paced to where a game like SKIRIM you can’t.

Now I myself am a gamer however contrary to believe I am old school. I like the old games like Zelda, Spyro, and Final Fantisy Ten. Out of SKIRIM and Call of Duty, I am a SKIRIM fan, Which are your. Comment below. Thanks

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  1. Liked your Strategy vs Action gaming article, could you write an article on Bethesda gaming perhaps? Bethesda has a few great strategy games, but I certainly wish that they would make more (like Skyrim). One thing I found out about strategy games made by Bethesda is that they are all wide ranged usually and can let you do what you want, pretty much, as a character; also, in your article when you said strategy games you are alone, I can pretty much agree. Bethesda helped create Fallout 76, which was way too hyped in the gaming community, and when it came out and people started to actually play it, it was a big let down. Fallout 76 is a strategy game that Bethesda tried to help make it where you can play with other players also, however the system was very glitchy and often would close the game out before you could save.
    I would love to hear your opinion on this in the future!

    1. Hi Lilly and thank you for your comment and insight, I hear you loud and clear. I would love to write more on this subject, please allow me some time to do research and a write my paper. It is a very good topic and I would like to see where it also goes. P.s. I will be reading your comment in class next week if that’s ok with you.

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