TCL 40 inch 1080p Smart LED Roku TV. Review

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Product: TCL 40 inch 1080p Smart LED Roku TV. (2019)


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My Ratings: 9,5 out of 10

Now contrary to believe, you can not have a gaming system and play games on it without a TV. So here is my Review on ROKU TV.s. I myself own a Roku TV and to my surprise as I was researching information about this product, I learned that I didn’t know my Roku at all. There is so much to Roku, that I can’t’ wait to get one for my bed room now.

Here are the Facts About Roku TV.

1: Roku is a smart LED TV. 2: it has sharp and really vibrant colors. 3: Roku is a Chinese company that has only been allowed to sell in the USA since 2013. 4: They are the lowest costing TV’s out there with built in WiFi. 5: The remote has a built in voice control, and a jack so you can hook up ear phones to listen without disturbing anyone.

These are really good features so far, but wait I am not done by far. It only gets better, so please read on my followers.

6:That annoying LED light at the bottom of the TV. CAN be turned off by going to Settings>System>Power>Off. 7:It has a mobile Roku app that you can install and watch picture slides right off of your phone to the screen. 8:Roku can organize all you’re streaming channels and all you devices.9: Android and windows 10 (IE. Wireless keyboard and mouse) can turn your TV into a computer screen.

Now right now you are probably saying that this sounds too good to be true so it’s a scam. Well I assure you that this is not a scam review because not only is selling it but I also owe a Roku Tv. There is still more that this sleek thin TV screen does, so Let’s get back to the goodies, shall we

11:You can set your own theme and screensaver through the setting button, You can even up load your own pics to show as your then and screensaver 12: Mix, shuffle, and reorganize your channels just by high lighting the channel. Then press the star button and move it were you want it.

13: Roku has Ultra H.D. Blu-ray and support. And for all you Xbox One Slim owners out there this TV has H.D.R.10 to support your 4k video games, so that you can now play them. 14: Looks better than most of the other flat screen TVs I have seen before.

Here are the Downside to a Roku TV.

1:There are just three HDMI ports and one of them is for ARC digital setup. 2: Does not come with a wall mount, that you have to purchase separately.


Time for Wrap Up.

Well there you have it folks a compleat review on Roku TV’s. Please feel free to leave a comment below and tell me what you think. As always Thanks.

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  1. Well – that was an awesome amount of information – the younger family members might be a bit surprised that I have some new understanding of all the things they talk about – so thank you – Not sure that these will be available in Australia – but now worth researching that too – thanks for your straight forward explanations.

  2. Hey Lori,

    The TCL 40 inch 1080p Smart sounds like it may be ideal for what I need. I want a decent TV for gaming but also one with good enough picture quality that I can edit pictures and digital designs for work, I’ll be checking this out Amazon, thanks for sharing!

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