Video game chairs vs. chouches – Is one better the the other

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In this topic we are going to have a bit fun. So today’s topic is Video gaming chairs vs. couches – is one better than the other. Well lets kick up our heels and dig in.

Video Gaming Chairs

There is so many types of gaming chairs out their that it makes my head spin. You got rockers, Chairs with foot rest, speakers, cup holders, and even ones to hold your controllers. Just the sheer numbers of how many gaming chairs are out their is amazing.

It is easy to see why people like gaming chairs for you can put a drink in the holder. You got surround sound speakers for a better gaming experience. They are on wheels so they are easy to move around. And they swivel and recline. Some even come with an area to hold your controller. They can also be used as a desk chair.

Rockers chairs are low to the ground. And allows you to lean back while playing your gamer. Now the rocker does not come with anything to special maybe speakers, a place to plug in your headset. And a thin cover to cover the rocker with. It does not come with a place to hold a cup or a control, but you are so close to the floor that you can just set it all beside you.

Now gaming chairs are great in a lot of way but they do have their draw backs. In today’s world, depending on the game and if you playing alone or with friends, Chairs do break. I have personally watched as my own son was bouncing around playing his game with his friends, and getting really into it when all of a sudden he bounced one to many times and the rod broke and down to the floor he went. Needless to say he was not happy about it,

The point to this, depending on how rough you are sitting in a gaming chair they can break. They can break from something simple, like the cup holder, to the rod holding the seat. So gamers beware, treat your seat right or pay the price lol.

There are a few down falls to the rocker chair. One down fall is their is no wheels so you have to pick it up and move it manually. Getting Up from a rocker can be hard (IE. And comical,) and getting down is just as bad as getting up.

The Couch

Now most of us have a couch in are living rooms which gets used in many different ways. But today were going to be talking about a couch while playing video games

There are advantages to being on the couch while play games. First a couch provides quite a bit of cushion and some couches and love seats recline back and have a foot rest. If you have a drink or food you can easily set them on your coffee table or end table. A couch is easy to get down and up from. And if your eyes get tired you can sit back and relax or lay down and take a nap before that next battle.

Downside TO A COUCH

Like with everything in life their are ups and down’d to everything. The downside to play video games on the couch are as follows. One unlike a gaming chair and much like a rocker chair if you want the couch in a new potion for gaming you have to get up and move it, and some couches are very heavy to move.

Let’s say your gaming with friends more then likely they are sitting on the couch with you which means their is not a lot of room. Ans some of your friends might be the type of gamer who moves around a lot while play games.

Time For Wrap Up

So today we pitted gaming chairs against couches for gaming. To me it makes no difference cause I prefer to stretch out on my bed to play my video games lol. Please cement below and tell me what you prefer, gaming chair or couch. Thanks

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  1. I remember back when I was a kid just playing PS2 on the couch with some friends and siblings. Playing on a couch will always be an easy and classic way to play games. I feel most of the time with “gaming” chairs your paying for the name rather than a quality product and most office chairs work just fine for playing games at a desk.

    1. I like your opinion Kaleb and to a point I agree with you. When I have friends over playing games I weather sit in my chair so they are not bumping into me but when alone I do like my couch. How ever. I mostly enjoy stretched out on my bed lol.

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