Where and when should I buy a system – What should I look for.

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In this discussion I am going to tackle the question of WHERE AND WHEN SHOULD I BUY A SYSTEM and what should I look for. A good place to start is when.

When should I buy a system?

They say anytime is a good time to buy a system but those are usually the people who don’t care what they spend their money on or how they spend it. As for people like you and I though we are watching every dime we spend for we don’t have a lot to spare.

The best times to buy a system is around Thanksgiving and Christmas time. This is when all the stores and online businesses have their best deals and sale. For all other times of the year you just have to keep your eyes wide open for good deals.

Where should I buy a system?

There are many places that sell gaming systems. You can buy brand new or second hand, as an individual system or as a bundle package.

You can find systems online though search engines such as bing, yahoo, and google. You can also find systems through online stores such as Amazon, eBay, and even Fingure Hut. If you are searching online it just takes time for their are many pages out their that information on where and when to buy a system.

If you don’t want to go though the internet their are a few ways to buy a system offline too. Let’s start with going to Best Buy or Walmart Long as you don’t mind buying brand new. If you don’t mind a used system, then you can check out Game Stop or any local gaming shop in your area.

I have often found that pawn shops some times have systems for sale you just have to keep checking back with then often to see if they do, Sometime in a yard sell or a friend might be selling one. These are just suggestions for you to think about.

What should I look for?

A lot of people go into a website or a store thinking they already know what they want. But let me please give you a small piece of advice. Pump the brakes and slow down. Think about your decision first before you buy. Don’t become impulse buyer and end up with buyer remorse. Especially if it is a used system. Its like they can’t spend the money fast enough.

So just stop and ask yourself these questions.

  1. What type of system do I want.
  2. Do I just want a single system or a bundle that comes with game.
  3. Do I want new or used.
  4. How much gig a bite do I really need
  5. Is their any discounts at this time or in the coming months
  6. Can I truly afford this right now.

What do I do once I made my decision?

After careful thought and time you are now ready to buy a system. However, let me give you a warning that if a deal feels too good to be true then it probably is. Watch out for shady sites and scammer if your online buying a system. Go to those you know and can trust such as (       ) or one of their affiliate sites. Same with Walmart and eBay, etc…

Time for the wrap up.

Shopping for a new or used system can be fun on and off-line however it can also be scary. Just remember you now have the tools to know where and when to buy and what to look for. Let me know in the comments below if this has helped or not. I would love to hear from you. Thanks

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  1. I am a gamer though I am an older women. I like games. There are some silly ones I do not subscribe to. I like Darksiders 1, and it was considered very violent. I like Sims games and etc. Oh i like Mach Warriors, too. I like strategy games. Your site is looking well. Things are in order. Maybe later you may want to add a background color or image. Something cool.

    Lots Of Love

    Audrey J.

    1. I understand what you are saying for I to am a older woman who games as well. As for my site I just started 2 days ago building it and not done yet. Was not expecting to have engagements so soon with the public. But now that I am I look forward to engaging and building my site. keep checking back for the latest.

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