Why is e-sports so misunderstood – can we change it

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It has come to my attention that there is a problem inside and outside of the gaming world’ So today we will touch on this then I will open it op for discussion and in a week or so I will be writing a more comprehensive content on this subject. Today I would like to chat about Why is e-sports so misunderstood and can we change it.

What exactly is e-sport games?

Now I have heard of ea games and EA sport games but until today I never heard the term e-sport games. So of course I had to look it up. E-sport games are like Warcraft 1,2, and 3 all the Call of Duty, Hearth Stone, and Super Smash Bros. If you use the search engine bring and type in why is e-sports so misunderstood they will show you the entire line up of e-game.

Why are they misunderstood?

These are games that are fast pace, multi players, strategic, and according to some people very violent because of the graphics, The truth is once I realized what games were being talked about, I knew exactly why these games got a bad rap besides their violent content. It’s because way back when the Colobine shooting happened one of the shooters hobbies was e-game.

Now with all the mass shootings in the USA lately and for years. A lot if not most of the shooters were found to have e-games that they played.

As my son was a teen I allowed him to play e-games with his friends and to help him calm down when he was upset.

Time for wrap up.

I now open the discussion to you please leave comment below of how you feel about e-game, about the misunderstanding, and what you think we could do to help people understand e-games. Or do you think these games will always be this way?

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  1. You engrossed me well. I had little time to look at the site, for the content is great. I think gaming is cool, AND, it should never be illegal to game. The buck of the problems we face is part of many difft. topics—–family, friends, faith & religion, no religion no faith. Starts with the parents and filters down to us. WE need to be more tolerant and loving. There is much more to discuss on your site. That is just a tad.

    Lots of Love

    Audrfey J.

    1. Thank you for your words and encouragement, Your comment has given me new ideals for topics to discus on my site. Keep checking back for more info. updates. and since your here as I am building my site you can watch as It changes. Would always love ideals and your anyone’s thought one this site

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