World of gaming online – Pro’s and Con’s

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In today’s society, the World of gaming online has become a leader in all games today. With may games to chose from such as board games, card games, indoor and outdoor games. Many people chose to turn to online gaming instead.

Since the 1990’s our world’s technologies have became so advanced so quickly that we would weather turn on a game then pull out a board game. We would weather yell at our aviator on are monitors or tv, then to laugh at someone who landed on go directly to jail square.

So what are the Pro’s and Con’s of online gaming in today’s society. Well lets dig deeper shall we, and take a closer look


       For those who are home bound I can understand that it is one way you stay connected to the outside world. Other pro’s are, helps with eye and hand coronation. Helps your mind to stay active in such a way that you are using logic and strategy skills. Its also a good way to make friends from all over the world.

There are people like me who use online gaming for two reasons. Those reasons are to release stress and to escape reality for a hour or two. Sometimes I even use it to help me calm down when I am frustrated or upset.


In the early 2000’s online gaming started to get a bad wrap because predator’s would be in gaming sites trolling for there prey and to this day they still are. I’m talking about scammers. child abductor’s. rapists’. and even thieves.

Other con’s to online gaming are people became anti social, lose track of time, and even have lost themselves and became out of touch with reality.  These are just a few pro’s and con’s that I have seen In person over the last thirty years.

Time for the Wrap Up

What pro’s and con’s have you seen or heard about. Please leave comments below. Let me know what you think of this post in the comments.  Thanks

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  1. Yes, as much as I enjoy online gaming, I fully agree that in life there always needs to be a balance. I agree that we should not allow technology to allow us to become anti-social in the sense of not meeting face to face.

  2. There are definitely pros and cons to online gaming. I have gamed my entire life and my son is a competitor in e-sports. I think this sport is still misunderstood. I agree with your points for sure & I would love to read more!

    1. Well believe it or not I just started this website yesterday I haven’t even got pics up yet but please keep checking back I will write as much as I can. You say e-sports is misunderstood. Give me a week to look into it for I am not into e-sports and maybe I will help clear up some misunderstandings about it. Heck maybe Ill learn something I like to even try it myself. Until then my friend

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