Xbox One S Console – Product Review

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Product: Xbox One S 1TB Console – Fortnite Bundle


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My rating: 9 out of 10

The good things about this console.

Xbox has certainly done its homework this time. For all the problems that the original Xbox one had, They have nearly wiped out all those problems. This new slim look is much smaller then the original and no longer needs that bulky old power cord. It has Ultra H.D. Blue-ray and support.

It now has H.D.R. contrast for video’s and games. Has a long rang blue tooth availability. Your even hook your controller up to your head phones and even to your PC. For round $20.00 more you can get a stand to place you system on it’s side. Does play 4k blue-ray dvd’s

Right now there is a Limited Edition out and the reason it is limited is because it is purple. right now it is bundled with Fortnite. Come November 15th they will sell white ones with the game Jedi, So if you want the Limited Edition I would hurry cause they are selling fast.

The bad things about this console.

Like everything else all consoles come with there own set of problems and this console is no exception. So lets dive right into the bad shall we.

The system does play the 4k blue-ray movies but it does not play the 4k video games. The only other problem with this console is that the H.D.R. only works with newer tv’s. So that’s all the problems I found.

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Over all with what I have learned and saw the new Xbox One S is small quicker and less hassle then the origanal. It comes with very little problems and is in my opinion worth every penny in this investment. Also remember if you want the Limited Edition, you need to hurry for the purple are gone November 15th.

As always I have enjoyed bring you this information. Please leave an comment down below and tell me your thought on this system. Thanks.



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  1. The purple color is awesome! But, does this S model has a built-in camera, or it’s also the same as the Xbox One that needs to add a Kinect Module? And what does it means by S in Xbox one S? Anyway, thanks for the review.

    1. Hi LanNSR The S stands for slim and with this module, for what I understand is no it dose not need Kivect. I hope that answers your questions. Please come back soon to see new reviews. Thanks

  2. Thank you for a great review of the XBox One S console. I enjoyed reading it.
    Is it possible to play Xbox 360 games on this console?

    1. Hi Moni, and thanks for the comment. I am sorry but far as I know, no you can not play Xbox 360 games in a Xbox One console.I hope this helps and please come back for more reviews soon. Thank you.

    1. Hi Sue. Your welcome and one thing I like about this is it is right near Christmas time too. So you can add it to your Christmas list. Please come back soon and to see new reviews. Thank you

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