Xbox VS. PlayStation – Pro’s and Con’s of both

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In today’s topic we are going to talk about XBOX VS. PLAY STATION and the pro’s and con’s of each. For me personally I find this topic fun but difficult at the same time. As a gamer I use both systems, so let’s just see where this one goes.

Play Station – Pro’s

There are several systems out there of play station that If they where all in front of you, it would make your head spin. There is Play Station 1, 2, 3, and 4. There is also PSP and so forth.

At the begging of Play Stations exitents there was PS1. Now PS1 (Play Station 1) had several problems that I can remember. The biggest problem is that it over heated all the time. Not only the system, but the power cord as well. The graphics where more pix elated, kind of like Atari, but better.

Now it is 2019 and Play Station has come along way. There PS4 graphics are way better than when they first came out. Game quality is better. Graphics are tons better than the first system, even the sound is much better. Does not over heat, loads fast, and saves quickly.

Play Station – Con’s

As I mentioned earlier that the very first, PS1, Usually over heated around 45 minutes after you start playing, froze up quite often.

The PS4 requires a PS Network connection to use, which sucks if you can’t afford it. AT night, I like when there are no lights on in my house and for anyone else like me a word of warning the Dual Shock Light Bar can not be turned off. It is a good system but not the most user-friendly one out there.


X box – Pro’s

Just Like the PS systems X box also has several systems out there. From the original X box itself to X box 360 and now X box One. Since the original system was created, many upgrades X box has gone through in a short of mount of time. So let’s focus on X box 360 and X box One shall we.

When I play X box I like my 360 system. The controller feels comfortable, the batteries last a long time before you need to change them out. As for the X box One controller you can hook you ear phones directly into it, and even connect it to a PC.

Graphics are way better than my PS systems, (sorry PS fans,) but this is my opinion on it. Yours might be different and that’s OK too. Easy to load games and runs fast enough for me when loading. Not much lag time. And the X box One DOES NOT have that bulky black power cord any longer

X box – Con’s

With the X box 360 I find one thing that does aggravates me and that is it does freeze my game often to where I have to shut down my entire system. That is the only issue I have with it. As for X box One there are 2 problems that I can find right now and they are, the 4k Ultra H.D. does play video’s but not the 4k H.D. games. The second thing is that The H.D.R. 10 only works with newer T.V.’s

Time for the wrap up

So there you have it from my point of view on Play Station systems and X box Systems. What do you think and what Is your opinion, Please leave comment below and as always Thank You.

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    1. When doing my posts to my site I do my best to research the product for its good and bad and bring my readers the very best information that I can. It is not That I know a lot. It is that I research so people like yourself don’t have too spend hours online seeking the information I give to you all. And it helps that I too am a gamer

  1. Thanks for sharing your views on both PS and Xbox. I haven’t played videogames for a long time, but I’ll make up as soon as I get a chance. Between two, I would pick Xbox. There’s a lot of sentiment attached to PS, but as I read these comparisons, I see that Xbox has the advantage.

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